Sunday, April 03, 2005

Thin Is Beauty

April 3 /05

Today is day 2 of cutting my calories extremly low. I did this in the summer, but my family and friends found out and took me to the doctor, who forced me to stop. Now I am fat and useless and out of control. This is my attempt to gain back my control and finally feel worthy again. Here are my reasons for doing this:

-Thin is beauty
-I want to be perfect
-Thin is perfect
-I need control
-I can control what I eat (or do not eat)
-I want to be envied by my friends that are failing on their diets
-I will always be the thinnest person in the group, no matter what group it is
-I will be as light as a feather
-I will never be too heavy
-Bikini's will fit, but be far too cold
-I will never sweat like a pig
-I will never overindulge
-I will be pure inside and out
-Toxins will not enter my body
-I will have willpower
-I will be able to achieve goals
-I will be perfect

Here are my stats:

H: 5' 7

CW: 117lbs,




I will achieve this by eating less (approximatly 500-600cals/day) eating only one meal a day, or several small meals depending on the circumstances.